Formado por Miguel Ángel Dotto, Fernando Stern, Adrián de Rosa e David Bajdá, o quarteto de guitarras Ecos conta com 12 anos de trajectória, partilhando as suas interpretações em diversos ciclos e festivais de música de câmara no seu país – Argentina- e no estrangeiro.
Nos seus concertos, apresentam um repertório composto por originais para 4 guitarras e também arranjos realizados pelos integrantes do quarteto.


Formed by Miguel Ángel Dotto, Fernando Stern, Adrián de Rosa and David Bajdá, the Cuarteto de Guitarras Ecos have a career of twelve years, sharing their performances in differ-ent Cycles and Festivals of Chamber Music in various concert halls of its country and abroad.
In their concerts, you can hear an extensive repertoire of original works for four guitars and arrangements made by its members.
They have participated consecutively in the festival international “Festival de Música Clásica por los Caminos del Vino” (2007 – 2018), and in the XIV and XIX edition of the “Festival Guitarras del Mun-do” (2008 and 2013). Also is highlighted the participation as soloists with the Orchestra Philharmonic of Mendoza in the theatre Inde-pendencia under the direction of Ligia Amadio (2010) and under the direction of Luis Belforte (2013) and, recently, in 2019, they inter-pret the Concierto Andaluz under the direction of César Iván Lara.
In December 2010, they finalized the recording of their first album on Fader Records. This first work entitled “Poker de Ases,” shows a varied repertoire from contemporary culture of origins Latin American music.
In September 2011, they are finalists at categorical music of chamber of the “XI Biennial Youth Competition 2011 – 2012” organized by Shell Argentina and the Association Music Fes-tivals of Buenos Aires.

In September 2012, they are called by Radio Nacional Clásica (Buenos Aires) to celebrate the 30th years of the radio program “De Segovia a Yupanqui” (From Segovia to Yupanqui), one of the clas-sical guitar programs with the most permanence in an internation-al radio channel of communication, Sebastián Dominguez and Fa-bio Caputo Rey anchoring.
At 2016, they recorded their second album entitled “Entre Selvas y Llanos”, which presents Latin American works by Argentine composers: Jorge Cardoso, Leopoldo “Polo” Martí and the brilliant four seasons of Astor Piazzolla.
In July 2017, they travelled to Cuba to prepare their third album that will bring together the complete work for guitar quartet of Cu-ban composer and guitarist Eduardo Martín, with whom they had the pleasure of sharing a few wonderful days studying their music, and gave concerts at the Casa del Alba Cultural in Havana and at the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists.
Currently, they are in the recording stage of their third al-bum at Zanessi Studios in Mendoza.


“…Fresh, diverse, technically accurate, complex and fun; all in unison, these qualities are the basis of the Ecos Guitar Quartet’s proposal…” Written by Patricia Slukich in the “Estilo”, section of the Los Andes, newspaper, Mendoza, Argentina (2007).

“…The Ecos Quartet has a wide and entertaining repertoire with a great display of technical and melodic talents…”, by Gema Gal-lardo, section “Shows”, Diario Uno, newspaper, Mendoza, Ar-gentina (2011).

Poker de Ases” CGE’s debut CD: “…This multiplicity of rhythms manages to amalgamate in the guitars of Ecos, whose arrange-ments allow a certain ‘tension’ to be maintained throughout the album, so that listening to it is a delight of coming and going be-tween American accents. The 24 strings unite and dissociate in games and dialogues that recreate the original landscapes of the compositions, but with an intimate air, typical of the chamber music proposal. Poker de Ases is a great album, and hopefully the experience will be repeated…” by Alejandro Frias, in: El Sol, newspaper, Mendoza, Argentina (2010).