Fingerpicking was born in the 19th century with the explosion of guitar music and tutors published in standard and alternate tunings. Rural and working-class guitarists adapted this “parlor” music to their own uses; it also spread to Hawai’i and around the world. Since then this guitar technique has evolved in multiple and elaborate variants.

In this workshop, Doc Rossi, a scholar and musician with over 40 years of experience in several music styles, and who has recently released a fingerpicking solo album Parlors Porches & Islands, will talk about the basic techniques of Fingerpicking such as: Alternating Thumb and Two Fingers; Right-hand patterns, and also explore some tunings particular to this style such as: Standard Tuning; Drop D; Double Drop D; Drop D G; Open G; Open D; DADGAD, etc.

Number of students allowed: until 4

Price: 25€

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