Casa da Guitarra (Guitar House) is a musical instrument shop that focuses on the plucked-string instruments of traditional Portuguese music. Here you will not only find the famous Portuguese guitarra, but also various traditional guitars like the viola Braguesa or the viola Campaniça (viola means guitar in Portuguese), acoustic and classical guitars (often called viola de fado in Portugal), ukuleles, cavaquinhos, mandolin-family instruments, and acoustic bass guitars. All of our instruments are built in Portugal. You can also find traditional percussion instruments like the Adufe, as well as sheet music, books, CDs, picks, capos and a wide selection of strings for all the instruments we stock.


Casa da Guitarra also holds concerts, organizes instrument workshops, and has a school open to all levels and ages, staffed by excellent and talented teachers who also have a lot of experience performing traditional Portuguese music as well as classical and popular music.


Conceived of by luthier Alfredo Teixeira, Casa da Guitarra was established in 2012. In addition to building, Alfredo also promotes background knowledge related to traditional Portuguese string instruments and their construction. Casa da Guitarra also supplies woods and other materials for builders, promotes concerts and exhibitions featuring hand-made instruments, and provides construction classes and workshops. With the cross-fertilization of experience between musicians, luthiers and music lovers, we hope not only to contribute to the preservation of our heritage, but also to the emergence of new ideas that will keep our heritage alive and interesting to younger generations.