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KNA NG-1 Classical Guitar Pickup


NG-1 is the perfect nylon string guitar pickup choice for guitarists who need a piezo guitar pickup to amplify the natural sound of their instrument. Does it without installation that requires modification.
Utilizing the tension of the strings, the guitar pickup design of NG-1 installs safely and securely on the classical or flamenco guitar tie block.
NG-1 is a passive classical guitar piezo pickup system designed to work flawlessly with your favorite acoustic amplifier or preamp. A cable is included.




The KNA story begins with Vladimir Hranov, who conceived and built the prototype and early production runs of the  unique NG-1 bridge mount pickup for nylon-string guitar.

As a young boy in Soviet-era Bulgaria, Vladimir became fascinated by radio and learned to build his own, along with a fleet of remote control cars and airplanes. He followed his passion to the Puldin guitar factory, where he learned to make magnetic pickups. It wasn’t long before he ascended to lead the electric guitar division.

After the fall of communism, the once-popular Puldin Company dissolved, leaving Vladimir to further develop his own ideas. He shared those ideas with Kremona Bulgaria, where in 2005 he met Nikolay Iliev – distributor of Kremona musical instruments on the North American continent.

In 2015, with Vladimir in his 80s, Nikolay purchased the pickups division and opened a newly retooled production facility in Vladimir’s hometown of Plovdiv. Today, Vladimir—with his 60 years of music industry experience- remains happily active at KNA as an advisor and Senior Developer.

KNA believes creativity should flow unencumbered. Their pickups makes it easy for musicians to amplify their instruments with minimal modification.

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