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EJ45FF D’Addario Classical Guitar String Set Normal Tension


EJ45FF, normal tension, features Pro-Arté Carbon trebles and Dynacore basses for unsurpassed superior with the perfect blend of tone, brightness, and projection. Experience the vibrant, projecting & contemporary tone of D’Addario’s Pro-Arté Carbon strings. Designed to the exacting specifications of D’Addario’s Pro-Arté nylon trebles, the company`s fluorocarbon strings deliver unmatched superior intonation, a responsive attack and modern projecting tone. Paired with the bold and powerful Dynacore basses, Pro-Arté Carbons offer the ideal combination of tension and tone for today’s classical player.




D`Addario is an american company based in Long Island, New YorkKnown mainly for the manufacture of strings for musical instruments, its offer covers a wide range of accessories for the most varied types of instruments, which produces and distributes under other brands such as Planet Waves. Its commitment is to offer musicians, professionals and amateurs, the most innovative accessories, using exclusive materials, technology and manufacturing processes with the permanent objective of exceeding the expectations of the musicians.

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