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K&k sound system BIG TWIN PICKUP


The Big Twin is a two-head piezo pickup, especially designed for bigger instruments with low mechanical resonance. The extra strong output signal makes it a versatile choice for a variety of instruments. The two heads allow for positioning at two spots which results in improved balance of the sound and a wider and absolutely flat frequency response. The Big Twin is recommended to double bass, cello even acoustic guitars, but also transduce piano, grand piano, harp, dulcimer Available with either an external or internal jack.

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K&K Sound Systems was founded in Germany in 1984 by Dieter Kaudel and his wife Karla. Dieter always displayed a strong interest in electronics and especially music electronics. After he finished high school, he had to decide which route to take, music or electronics. He chose the guitar.

In 1976, Dieter and three other musicians formed Munju, a fusion rock band. All their records were self-produced, what gave him a chance to learn the intricacies of technical production work in the studio environment. Additionally, Dieter took care of the technical side of Munju’s PA system.

In 1983, the band purchases a vibraphone; since there was no amplification system available on the market, Dieter started to design his own . That was the first step to found K&K Sound Systems, what officially happened in 1984. Within the next year, K&K built an international reputation among vibraphone and marimba players.

By 1990, K&K introduced the first bridge plate pickup system, the Twin Spot Internal (a forerunner of the Pure Pickup), picked by a German guitar magazine as the best-sounding pickup in a comparison test among different pickups. In 1995 K&K relocated their headquarters and manufacturing plant to Coos Bay, USA. From then on, K&K began to focus on transducer systems for string instruments and this is the product line K&K is best known for today.

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