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2022-03-01 > 2022-12-31 | 18h

A Casa da Guitarra (The House of the Guitar) provides you a traditional Fado show in the heart of Porto, right close to Luís I Bridge.

According to Amália Rodrigues, the great fado singer, “The point is to feel fado. Because fado is not sung, it happens. It cannot be explained, only felt.”

The project “Fado by Casa da Guitarra” intends to offer to you the essence of this musical genre .

During the hour-long concert, you will come in contact with very unique Portuguese cultural elements – fado, Portuguese traditional stringed instruments, wine – all of which are deeply related with Portuguese history.

The acoustic fado performance takes place in an intimate setting with a female leading singer, accompanied by a Portuguese guitar player( the luthier of the store) and a guitar player (playing a viola de fado). A reserve port wine will be served during the interlude.
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 Av. Vímara Peres 49, 400-545 Porto

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