Escola das Artes Musicais Portuguesas

The School of Portuguese Musical Arts (SPMA) is an educational centre specializing in the teaching of traditional Portuguese music. Its aim is to fulfill a growing demand from people of all ages and levels, for structured and informed training in the several strands of Portuguese traditional music. The school seeks to offer instruction on the entire range of Portuguese plucked-string instruments, and to include instruments from other families, such as traditional percussion and wind instruments.
School Year 2018/2019
Beginning: 4 September
Winter Concert: 22 December at 21:30
Winter Break: from 22 December to 2 January
Spring Break: from 16 to 19 March
Summer Concert: 20 July at 21:30
End: 20 July
On all local and national holidays, including Carnival, there will be no classes.

Details and fees
Regular (school year)
Individual sessions: 45 min. – one class per week
Group sessions (max. 3 adults): 55 min. – one class per week
10% Discount: family members; two or more instruments
Free Courses/ classes via Skype
1 session – 25€
2 sessions – 45€
4 sessions – 80€
6 sessions – 140€